Villa Park Strathmore Facility

Villa Park’s Strathmore packinghouse

Strathmore Palletizer

New palletizer in Strathmore completed in 2021

Villa Park History

After fruit has been sized, it passes by conveyor to the pack machines, 1996.

The Automatic pack machine

Loading packed fruit to take to market, Villa Park, 1953.

Eleanor and Millard Beemer, Pauma Valley Ranch, San Diego County.

Connie Rodriguez, VPOA employee of fifty years, is proud of an excellent product, 1996.

Packet fruit is stored in the precooler, 1996.

Oranges delivered from bins by conveyor to dump for washing, 1996.

Plastic field bins used to transport oranges, 1996.

Competent picking personnel is the first line in a successful fruit processing.

Sal Felix loading field boxes in the grove, 1953.