Grower Owned

In the fall of 1912, forty-eight Villa Park growers united to organize the Villa Park Orchards Association (VPOA) for the purpose of harvesting, packing and marketing oranges

About Villa Park Orchards Association


Villa Park Orchards Association is an agricultural cooperative association organized for the purpose of packing and marketing oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and lemons for its members. All fruit is marketed through Sunkist Growers. The Association has packinghouse facilities in Fillmore, Strathmore, and Riverside California. Members are located primarily in Tulare, Kern, San Diego and Ventura Counties. Villa Park has over 375 growers, representing over 12,000 acres.

For over a hundred years the employees and management of Villa Park have been committed to maximizing returns for our growers as well as providing Sunkist customers with the best quality fruit possible.

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